Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Impossible is nothing" 5th day - six to go.

Today I expand features of my Map editor. It's now ready for multiple type tiles and 'special' cells (like that which are teleporting you to given place when you stand on it).
As I planned I also add first enemies - for now colorful pandas instead of zombies. I gave them simple AI using which they will moving in the player's direction.
I also change my plans about placing enemies and items on the map. I have no time for that. Maps will be designed using map editor, but all element like zombies, pellets and other items will be placed using random techniques (and it will change every time you get out and get back to the screen - I think that makes game more interesting and 'a little bit frightening' - you never know what is around the corner). Check first 15 screens of game world in the editor's mode preview with one screen pasted directly from the game:
And yes, I have changed tiles from simple red/yellow because they 'irritated' my eyes:), but this is still not target graphics.


  1. Ok, I will go back to making now http://www.yogaburnreview.org, because, paraphrasing Henry Bernard Shaw (I don't really keep in mind how it was originally), "Able is developing, incapable is teaching" , and I always discover blogging as a type of teaching:).

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