Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iPad etc.

Today I had my first touch with most hated mobile device ever - Apple iPad. I won internal contest organized by my employer, GG Network. It was all about creating application using new API of GG social site. If someone is interested - public edition of the competition end on 31 of December and you can win 30.000PLN (about 10000$). In week, maybe two I will write something more about the API and publishing apps on (it has more than 10 millions of users and just about 50 apps so far - best way for promoting your apps).

There were thousands of iPad's reviews all over the web, so I want to write one single sentence from gamedeveloper's point of view. Porting one of my Javascript game to run on the device took me about 7 minutes - I add simple code for screen size detection, now it is possible to run 'Zombie Eliminator' in any browser, without resolution issues. It is the biggest advantage of Javascript programming - it will run on different platforms out of the box. When I will finish my Game On entry I will try to write something more about iPad gamedev.

Oh, and my new game is available in SamsungApps since yesterday - tetris-like logic puzzle with jewels - try it here.