Tuesday, March 29, 2011


That post has nothing in common with programming or even computers but I was so excited when I discover things I want to write about that 140 chars of twitter wasn't enough for me.

The Sun is a star in the center of our Solar System Anyone knows that. But have you ever think about number '26' in Sun statistics?
  • Apparent magnitude of the Sun is -26,8
  • Mean distance from Milky Way 26,000ly
  • Galactic period 226.000.000 years
  • Radiant flux 3,827×10^26 W
  • Unicode of Sun symbol - 2609
  • Distance from Milky Way Equator - 26ly
  • Speed 260 km/s
  • Conversion rate of mass-energy 4.26 million metric tons per second
  • Mean mass loss in energy 26,732MeV
  • Total mass loss 6,5x10^26
  • STEREO observation mission starts at 26th of October 2006

Coincidence? Don't think so! :)

from Polish & English Wikipedia.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

meet.js in Warsaw

I have just returned from Warsaw edition of meet.js, polish javascript meeting organized by Damian Wielgosik and Paweł Czerski, organizers of FrontTrends and Falsy Values. During the meeting we ware able to watch four Javascript tech-talks.
First was Robert Tomaszewski from Hypermedia Isobar with his presentation about different context of calling Js structures. He started with a little of JS history, then explained basics of using 'this' depending on placement of the objects and different approaches of using 'this' in DOM events.
Next was Marek Stepień - lead of Aviary.pl, team of programmers and translators localizing open source software for Polish users. He started with review of past JS objects, its restrictions and methods of its elimination. Then he presented new methods of creating objects in Js 1.8.5 like defineProperty() etc.
After the break there were a little contest - I won weekend stay in Karpacz for my implementation of adding function (Thanks!:) ). Just after that Tomasz Tunik talked about his Einie framework. He showed a lot of cool examples (like mouse tracking and interactions with canvas objects, or Pew! Pew! Towers, game created in 48h by Thomas and Szymon Pilkowski on HTML5gameJam in Paris. All of that examples are published on Einie's site so don't hesitate to check it.

Last presentation was made by me. I was talking about pseudorandom numbers and Steganography. I won't describe my talk, maybe someone else will, I think in couple of days I will publish it as a blog post or maybe little JS library.
I want to thanks the organizers one more time, and I hope we will meet on the next meet.js (or at least on Falsy Values:) ).

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My blog is one year old today.
I will try to write some summary of that period later this week or at the beginning of the next one. For sure one of the best things I wrote about was my HTML5 Canvas Game Tutorial, one of the most popular in all over the web, but there were also other posts I would like to remind.