Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MeetJS Summit

Last weekend, during MeetJS Summit in Poznań, I gave my first talk this year. It was just another great frontend event organized by Godfather of Polish web conferences, Damian Wielgosik, together with Polish GTUG.
Since ICT Conference in Kathmandu in November, where I spoke for the last time in 2011 (with simple .ppt slides), something really big happened in a web conferences world. Because of impress.js, stunning CSS 3D based presentation framework by Bartek Szopka, it became inappropriate to use prehistoric tools like PowerPoint for creating your own slides (It has 600 Github watchers more in two weeks than CoffeeScript in more than 2 years, SIC!). And since I had just couple of days before the event, I used mine & Jakub Siemiątkowski's port of Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia as a base of my presentation. I'm quite satisfied with the result, you can check it HERE or just click on the iframe below. It is optimized for my presentation remote so you can change the slides only using PgDown & PgUp. Sometimes it needs to be refreshed, and sometimes it craches, but it's more like a prove of concept, not real life product.