Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Impossible is nothing" 2nd day - 9 days left

To create any game, you need:
  1. idea

  2. skills

  3. time

  4. tools

  5. and resources

As I wrote in previous post, I have no skills in mobile dev, no idea for any interesting app, and I'm run out of time. What I have today are tools.

All night long i read mostly everything in the web about creating mobile widgets in web technologies. It wasn't so easy because Nokia's site is one big mess with everything upside-down. I download tons of stuff from there (really, it is almost 10GB, with most annoying thing ever - Symbian Emulator which is 4GB big and you have to reinstall it every time you want to clear all preferences. Fortunately Aptana has additional plugin with browser-based Nokia device emulator too), install everything they asked me to, read and tried to understand every "Getting started" and "Hello World!" tutorials, and not sleep at all.
Finally, I can proudly say that it is working. First photo of some pre-prototype game-like application running on Nokia's device (I don't even have one, thank one more time to Owca for help).

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