Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Simple puzzle game

Internet is full of different programming frameworks. Nowadays you don't have to learn new language, you only need to know any friendly and easy to use framework and you can start your adventure with code.

I don't like that. I can't 'feel' the code when I use frameworks for everything. I got a feeling that it's no more mine - I just 'press a magic button' and some hard to understand and explain things happen. For sure - it's not serious to code huge project in pure code. But if it's your first contact with new programming language - try to explore it on your own. Try to understand what it's all about. And then feel free to use whatever you want - it's ok if you understand more or less what happens behind the scenes.

Today was my first serious attempt to create js game using something different than pure JavaScript. I choose jQuery because I made before a few projects using it. And here it is, a simple puzzle game like almost 10years old Clix. In few words, quoting

When you click a block (...) it and all neighbours that are the same color disappear. Gravity makes the blocks above fall down, creating new opportunities.

If a column is completely cleared, the remaining columns are moved closer together. When (...) the screen is all clear, the game is over. Points are awarded for clearing groups of blocks, the more blocks you remove in one click, the more points.

The only difference is that in my version there are new 'blocks' each 3 lvls. You have 11 levels of fun in FB version and unlimited in nonfacebook one (but there are only 5 types of 'mojito-blocks').

Try it on facebook (in Polish, click 'GRAJ' to play):
or outside:

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