Friday, September 17, 2010

Samsung approval and Thai fonts

Is it really impossible for Thai people to read their alphabet when some single gaps will be filled in? Latin alphabet I use every day has evolved through the ages in countless different fonts and shapes, from handwriting, Gothic fonts, print characters, to graffiti. And I'm able to read all of them, just like most people in the world. So why people of Thailand couldn't understand single word when I use custom font with filled gaps? Or maybe that is just another odd invention of Samsung testers? My Zombie Eliminator was removed from Thai Samsung Apps Catalog because, as they said, "Font is not good in Thailand". Why you couldn't understand this ('original' word above, and red mark on the screenshot made by Samsung Content Inspector):
...when Latin alphabet is totally understandable for me and rest of the world, even with filled gaps (like 'o' or 'p'):


  1. To be perfectly correct, the letter 'ธ' has no closed loop. Some fonts might make it look like it has one, but it doesn't. So, I guess there is really no "gap" to fill. (Think what the letter 'C' would look like with a filled gap.) It's perfectly fine when you do it with 'ว' 'ล' and 'น'. The other letter among the consonants with no closed loop is 'ก'.

  2. Thank you, I had completely no idea about Thai fonts now it looks a little bit different for me.