Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Stairs to heaven in 6,22KB" competition!

Inspired by few videos posted in comments I would like to announce a little competition. Rules are as simple as possible: play my "StHi6,22KB" game, make a video from it (using your mobile, camera or just record part of your desktop using programs like CamStudio) with your result visible, upload it on any video-hosting site like Youtube or Vimeo and put the link in the comments on 10k Apart site (here) before 25 of August. I will prepare two truly unique "Stairs to heaven in 6,22KB" T-shirts - one for the owner of the best result and one for the randomly chosen participant (e.g. by 'true random numbers generator - random.org). So, good luck and I'm waiting for your videos!

My best try (of course it doesn't count):

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