Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NodeKnockout - Massivetris

Try my first node.js app ever - created in 48h Massive Multiplayer Online Tetris. Choose from one of 72 avatars and play with others in realtime. It works best in Safari or Chrome, in Firefox WebSockets are emulated by Flash Plugin (awesome Socket.IO feature). There are couple of bugs I'm aware of, but it is possible to play and have some fun. If you enjoyed, don't forget to vote (button in right-top corner).
Direct links to the game: [Massivetris] and to the [Team Site].

And here is the source: [Massivetris]


  1. The appp is not working in Chrome & Firefox, at the moment. Is there another deployment to check this out?

  2. weird. It works fine for me.
    Maybe try to download sources from GitHub and run it localy?

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