Saturday, July 31, 2010

10K Apart competition

In the early '90, when I had my first contact with computers, I don't even heard about Cd-roms, or other freaky inventions like hard discs. I had 2 floppy stations, 3.5' and 5.25', with that 'bigger' (by size, no capacity) all the time busy with DOS disk, so everything I had was only 1.44MB. My favorite games then were Prince of Persia (yes, that one from top of this blog) and King's Quest (I finish it first time in my life after almost 18 years of playing, couple months ago on Sarien, online canvas versions of Sierra games).
Today I felt a gust of those days. 'An Event Apart' organized crazy web-app competition called 10K Apart with two main rules: total file size, including images, scripts and markup, must be under 10K and app must work in IE9, Firefox and WebKit browsers.
After about 8 hours of developing two games and bugfixing one annoying webportal simultaneously, let me introduce Stairs to heaven in 6,22KB.

Enjoy and don't forget to click '5 stars' on 10kA site:).

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