Saturday, April 30, 2011

First HTML5 Game Conference ever - onGameStart

As probably most of you already know - I'm organizing first HTML5 game conference ever. It will take place in my hometown - Warsaw at 22nd & 23rd of September 2011. I've done my best with selection of the speakers - so far it is the only chance to meet and talk with the best Open Web Game developers. Let me introduce some of them:
Bartek Drozd - creator of J3D - WebGL Library with Unity3d object/scene exporter.
Rob Hawkes - author of "Foundation HTML5 Canvas" book
Robby Ingebretsen - creator of Agent008Ball
Brandon Jones - author of glMatrix library and a lot of awesome webGL demos (like Quake III)
Martin Kool - creator of multiplayer, online versions of old good Sierra games - Sarien
Seth Ladd - Google developer advocate (he will speak on Google IO in two weeks - don't miss it!)
Simon Oberhammer - creator of pyGame port for Javascript - GameJS
Andreas Røsdal - originator of biggest strategy game made in open web technologies based on Sid Mayer's Civilization -
Dominic Szablewski - creator of ImpactJS - most complex and so far the best Javascript game engine.

For more information about the conference check our site, lanyrd, twitter and facebook. And don't forget to preregister (it is possible on the site).